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Bethany Kludt Discusses the Effect of Stress on College Students

College is supposed to be the best time in a young person’s life, living away from home and challenging themselves academically, but if you ask Bethany Kludt, a college nursing student, she will tell you about the stress that these students face on a daily basis. With the job market where it is today, there is a lot of pressure on a college student to perform well and get high marks in all of their classes. They perceive that one average score can ruin their chances at getting the job of their dreams or dash their hopes of getting into graduate school. This amount of pressure has forced students to pit themselves against each other to gain the upper hand academically. Kludt has seen this first hand in her nursing program. She has seen students lie and cheat to appear more competent than their peers.

Bethany Kludt

Another stressor in the lives of college students is the pressure to fit into a particular group. There is a desire for college students to be accepted, and many students have a fear of not making friends or not being good enough to join a particular group or club.

To Kludt, this amount of stress is unhealthy. Stress can make a person sick and cost themselves time in the classroom where they can be learning. For these students, Kludt recommends trying to take at least one day off from studying and take some time to interact with other students or find a hobby to help relax. Hopefully, some of Bethany Kludt’s classmates will take some of her advice and reduce their stress levels.

Bethany Kludt’s Guide to Training for Bikini Competitions

NPC competitor Bethany Kludt has competed in two sanctioned bikini competitions when she is not studying to become a nurse. At this point in her brief career, she knows what it takes to get her body to the point of being competitive for these competitions.

When Kludt begins to train for her bikini competitions, the first thing she will do is increase the cardio that she does on a daily basis. Kludt aims to spend at least an hour on the elliptical or the treadmill every day. However, when her training cycle begins, she will increase the amount of time on these machines to an hour and a half. As she gets closer to the completion date, she will increase her daily cardio to two hours a day. According to Kludt, this is the best way to lose fat and show off her muscular definition.

The second most important part of her competition training is her abdominal routine. If a competitor has defined abdominal muscles, it can complement her entire physique. When in competition training, Kludt will try to hit her abdominals at least four times a week. She does this through a combination of sit-ups, oblique work, and hanging from a pull-up bar and using her abdominals to touch her toes. Other competitors often ask Kludt what her abdominal routine is after competitions. For Bethany Kludt, following her cardio and abdominal routine is the key to getting the physique to excel at bikini competitions.

Bethany Kludt’s Secrets to Becoming a Gymnast

For eleven years, Bethany Kludt was a gymnast. The reason she joined gymnastics was after watching the Summer Olympics when she was a child. She was amazed by the strength and the grace that these women had. Kludt knew she was hooked on the sport.

Shortly after the conclusion of the Olympics, Kludt’s parents signed her up for classes. Kludt has a couple of tips for young, aspiring gymnasts. Her first tip is do not be afraid to fail. When competing in gymnastics it will take a long time to learn new routines. People will fail a lot. Do not get discouraged about failing at a routine or a trick, things will get better, and you will eventually master your routine.

The second tip that Kludt tells young gymnasts is that they should take time away from the sport to enjoy themselves. Gymnastics is a big commitment, a lot of boys and girls want to be constantly in the gym and practice their routines. However, if young gymnasts do not take time away from the gym, they will often burn out and lose the desire to compete anymore. The best advice for these up and coming gymnasts is to take at least one day off to spend with family. Kludt thinks that if gymnasts follow these two tips, they can have the potential to have long careers in the sport of gymnastics. While Bethany Kludt’s career as a competitive gymnast is over, if she can prevent one gymnast from quitting, then she has helped the sport grow.

Bethany Kludt’s Aspirations to 

Become a Registered Nurse

As a nursing student, Bethany Kludt is exposed to life working in a hospital and is excited to become a registered nurse. Kludt was first interested in nursing as a teenager when she saw how her aunt struggled with cancer treatments and how the nurses were her constant source of aid.  Her aunt loved the male nurses and how they could just pick her up when she was too weak to walk.  Her aunt lost her battle with cancer at the age of 53.

According to Kludt, the reason she wanted to become a nurse was that it is the best way to help people. Nurses are always with their patients, helping them recover from their illness or condition. It can be said that nurses know more about their patients than the doctors. This is the basis of Kludt’s decision to become a nurse. She thinks that this constant interaction with her patients goes a long way in making them feel better. She enjoys the little moments that can occur throughout the shift when she connects with her patients. Kludt always strives to put a smile on her patients’ faces and will go the extra mile to make them happy.

To become a registered nurse, Kludt knows that she needs to do well in her nursing classes. When she first started pursuing a nursing degree, Kludt was initially surprised at the amount of information that she had to memorize. At first she was daunted by the task. However, she is now comfortable with the workload and is doing well in all of her classes.


Bethany Kludt

The best part of her curriculum is the scheduled clinic days. Even though she is still a student, she interacts with a lot of patients and enjoys the autonomy that she receives while working on the wards. To Kludt, it does not matter if she works in an outpatient or inpatient practice, she still enjoys being with the patients. She knows that soon she will have to choose a specific field to work. When someone asks her where she wants to work, she says she does not know because she has such a good time in all of the environments where she has rotated through.

Kludt knows that the dream of becoming a nurse will happen sooner rather than later. Ideally she wants to work near her parents’ home. However, Bethany Kludt will be excited to work wherever she gets a job, as long as she can make a difference in her patients’ lives.


Bethany Kludt – Tips for Eating Healthy in


Bethany Kludt is a college student. She looks forward to receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing so that she can start her professional career as a nurse. Eating healthy and staying fit is important to her and she works hard to maintain her healthy habits. Eating healthy is not the easiest thing to do in college because of the accessibility of unhealthy foods, but she does her best. Here are a few tips for eating healthy in college.

Bethany Kludt

  • It is important for people in the twenties to eat foods rich in calcium because they need to build their calcium stocks to prevent osteoporosis in the future. College students should drink plenty of milk. Low-fat yogurt, low-fat cheese, and green leafy vegetables are good substitutes for milk and have plenty of calcium.
  • College students should limit their sugar intake because all sugar does is provide calories with very little other nutrients. Sugar can cause significant tooth decay and it is also addictive. College students can use sugar substitutes such as sweetener, tea, cereal, and diet sweeteners.
  • Students should visit the salad bar at their dining hall. The salad bar is an excellent place to get healthy food. Raw vegetables, fresh fruits, and leafy greens are the best kinds of food to get at the salad bar. The salad can also be a detriment and bacon bits, creamy dressings, and mayonnaise salads can be as detrimental as eating fatty foods.

Bethany Kludt competes in National Physique Committee Bikini competitions and sustaining a healthy diet and working out regularly is an important part of succeeding in those competitions.

Bethany Kludt – Three Tips for Winning an NPC

Bikini Competition


Bethany Kludt is a nursing student who recently joined the National Physique Committee (NPC) and has begun competing in bikini competitions. In August 2014, she placed third in an NPC collegiate bikini competition in Louisville, Kentucky. She plans on competing in one or two NPC bikini competitions per year. Here are a few tips for winning an NPC bikini competition.

  • NPC bikini competitors who want to win competitions should think about hiring a reputable coach to train them. Specifically, a posing coach can be very helpful to competitors. Posing coaches can help competitors make small tweaks to their pose that help them come across as stronger. The presentation of one's self is incredibly important in competitions so anything that can help improve competitors' presentation of themselves will be helpful.
  • It is recommended that competitors film themselves during competitions or during practice. This allows competitors to scrutinize their performance and pick out their weaknesses. This is helpful because it allows competitors to pinpoint specific weaknesses and make necessary corrections. Filming is better than posing in front of a mirror because corrections can be made in front of a mirror, but not while filming, meaning that competitors have to hit their first pose immediately on film.
  • Competitors should do some research on the judges of the event they are competing in, especially who the head judge is going to be. Judges all have their own preferences and look for different things when giving their scores. Understanding what the judges are looking for is an invaluable tool to possess.

Bethany Kludt plans to become a Bikini Pro in NPC and relishes the challenges that lie ahead of her.

Bethany Kludt – Tips for Winning Beauty Pageants

Bethany Kludt is a nursing student .She has competed in a few beauty pageants in the past including the Miss Teen Ohio National American Miss pageant and the Miss Photogenic competition, which she finished third in. She enjoys competing in beauty pageants and fitness competitions because of the hard work that is required of competitors. Here are three tips for winning beauty pageants.


  • Before competing in a beauty pageant, competitors need to be critical of their appearance. First they should focus on their strengths. What can they bring to the competition? What are their aesthetically pleasing features? Where are they most proportional? Then they have to focus on areas that they want to work on by asking the opposite of those questions listed above.
  • Competitors should always seek outside assistance when determining hair styling and color, and makeup options. It’s always helpful to get the opinions and assessment of others because it brings new and different opinions to the table. The more ideas thrown around, by the right people, the better the outcome will be.
  • Fitness is an important aspect of doing well in a beauty pageant, but it is not the final determining factor. Proportionality plays a key role in how the judges determine scores. It is perfectly fine to be muscular but then competitors need to be muscular in a proportional manner. Bringing in outside help can be useful for working out so that their body is proportional for the competition.

Bethany Kludt also competes in National Physique Committee (NPC) Bikini competitions, in addition to beauty pageants.


Bethany Kludt – Tips for 

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle in College

Bethany Kludt is a nursing student. Nursing programs are known for being demanding programs. On top of her academics, Bethany works as a waitress to pay her way through college and competes in National Physique Committee Bikini competitions throughout the year. She also enjoys living a healthy lifestyle and prioritizes working out and eating right. All of this equates to a busy schedule.

A healthy lifestyle is not always an easy habit to maintain as a college student, though. Days are busy, nights are long, and there is an abundance of easily accessible food that is not necessarily healthy. It is more than possible to lead a healthy lifestyle while in college, though. Here are a few tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a college student.

It is imperative that college students eat healthily and eat right. A good diet full of nutritional food will boost a college student's immune system, maintain a healthy weight, and improve overall health. Eating breakfast is the first step in maintaining a healthy diet. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and gets everybody off on the right foot. Breakfast can be as easy as eating a granola bar on the way to class. College students should avoid skipping meals, but if they have to, then should snack and healthy food throughout the day like dried fruit, pretzels, or whole-wheat crackers. Lastly, college students should avoid eating fatty foods. This may be difficult considering what is offered in cafeterias, but there is always the salad bar.

Bethany Kludt

Exercising is essential for college students to lead a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is good for the brain and will help students focus better in class and while doing homework. Students should sign up for intramural sports, walk to class, bike to class, and take advantage of any free or reduced memberships to gyms. Finding time to exercise might be difficult, but exercising at least 30 minutes a day can make a significant difference.

Getting enough sleep is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but like exercise, finding the time to get enough sleep can be difficult for college students. Sleep deprivation is unhealthy for the brain, causes headaches, leads to unhealthy weight loss, and is bad for muscle growth. College students should be getting between seven to nine hours of sleep per night. Obviously pulling an all-nighter and staying out with friends to the wee hours of the morning is all a part of the college experience, but those things should not happen all the time.

Lastly, it is important that college students wash their hands. They live on campus, in dorm buildings, spend time in large classrooms, and eat with hundreds of other people. Campuses are breeding ground for colds and the flu can spread rapidly. College students should wash their hands to maintain their health and for the benefit of others.

Bethany Kludt works hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that she can continue competing in bikini competitions and so that she do well in nursing school.


 Bethany Kludt - A Renaissance Woman

Bethany Kludt is a very well-rounded individual. A student at Ohio Northern University, she has aspirations of becoming a nurse. She is a member of many clubs including the National Student Nurses Association, USA BMX, formerly known as ABA BMX and NBL BMX, and National American Miss as well as a representative for Paragon Fitness. Her long list of interests includes animal rescue, the health care crisis, weight lifting, nutrition, fitness, nursing care, homelessness, and Miamisburg Christian Church. It is good to be a well-rounded person; the Renaissance man and woman have become rare breeds in our day and age.

 Bethany Kludt

One reason for this is that the modern economy is very specialized. Many economic positions require a great deal of technical skill, so, in a lot of instances, a person must decide on a career path and stick to it if they want to rise to higher echelons. The detailed specialization of our modern economy is what facilitates such a wide array of goods and services being brought to the market. It also allows for greater choice in picking a craft to master.

Because of all of these positive factors, it would not be wise to promote a less specialized economy. Rather, the impetus falls on individuals to make time outside of work to pursue other hobbies, such as reading, exercising, or playing an instrument. In 2014, Bethany Kludt began participating in NPC bikini competitions; she placed 3rd in her first event which qualifies her for nationals. This most recent pursuit of hers has forced her to do cardio exercise and lift weights on a regular basis. She also rides BMX occasionally, a favorite activity of hers since she was 4 years old.


Bethany Kludt - A Very Active Young Woman

Bethany Kludt is a big believer that keeping yourself busy is an important facet of happiness. It is when people sit around too much lamenting about their current situation that they slip into a cycle of unhappiness. This is why she has been very active for most of her life; so that she can establish healthy habits that will carry her through the future.

Bethany Kludt is an active individual who strongly believes in the merits of exercising on a frequent basis.

At the age of three, she began doing gymnastics, a sport she stuck with through middle school. When she was four, she began riding a BMX bike and participating in races on a regular basis with her father Bill Kludt. To this day, Bethany Kludt enjoys taking her bike out for a spin to find peace and relaxation. She did cheerleading when she was in 4th and 5th grade on a competition team in Miamisburg, Ohio. When she reached high school, she decided to pick up golf and diving. She still golfs whenever she has a chance to play a round, and she believes that the virtues she learned through the difficulties of golf have translated to other areas of her life.

Now a college student, Bethany Kludt is majoring in nursing. In 2014, she began competing in NPC bikini events, an endeavor that requires an immense amount of cardio training and weight lifting. As a college student, she is balancing her school, work, and personal duties masterfully. She is the type of person who is always out of breath but never tired. Family and friends truly find her determination and perseverance to be a great inspiration. She is also an individual who is very concerned with helping those in her community, and she believes that the skills she learns as a nurse will prove useful in this endeavor.


Importance of gymnastics for young children

Gymnastics is a developmental sport that has a positive impact on a young child's life. While some parents might question how being able to do backflips and handstands impact one's life, it's important to note that gymnastics goes beyond just focusing on physical development. It can be the perfect sport to teach the skills necessary for a healthy life and better social, creative, and decision-making skills.

Bethany Kludt

Obesity is a growing concern in America today, and the consensus is that the earlier children get involved in physical activity, the better. What better gift to give your child than to encourage an active lifestyle at a young age? The movement and physical skills taught on the gym floor can translate into a lifetime of physical activity. Due to its reliance on body weight, gymnastics often produces athletes who are very fit and have strong cores.

For most children, interacting with the environment is an essential aspect of growing up. Gymnastics helps to instill better coordination and awareness skills so that children can relate better to the environment around them. Additionally, the chance for their child to develop social skills is one that parents can't pass up. Young gymnasts learn how to wait in line, give others a chance to speak, make decisions on their own, and pay attention to instructors.

When all is said and done, kids stand to benefit greatly from participating in gymnastics. It may be a difficult sport, but the child will learn early that achieving progress in life comes from hard work and dedication to excellence.

Bethany Kludt is a talented gymnast who started the sport at the age of three. Gymnastics paved the way for participation in other sports, and she’s grateful her parents allowed her to engage at an early age.

Adopt a pet from a shelter today

Are you thinking of taking in a pet into your family? If you are, congratulations for adding a loving member to the family who will liven up the place. Often, the best place to find a pet is the local animal shelter. They have plenty of animals, so you can be sure to find a companion you love.

When you take in a pet from an animal shelter, you are giving a second chance to an animal that deserves it. Additionally, you are helping to reduce the pet overpopulation issue that the nation finds itself dealing with. The reality is that millions of unwanted pets are euthanized at local shelters every year. While some are beyond help (old age or overly aggressive behavior), many come to this end merely because they lacked someone to adopt them. Reducing the number of euthanized animals can be decreased if more people choose to take in pets. Adopting saves a life and opens up shelter space to an animal that could use it.

When you choose to adopt from the local shelter, you'll be getting a good bargain. Often, the animal has been vaccinated and spayed/neutered. This cost is part of the adoption price, which means you don't have to worry about these procedures.

Most importantly, caring for an animal can provide the sense of fulfillment and purpose you may be looking for. At any age group, isolation and feelings of loneliness can creep up, and the best way to lessen these feelings may just come from adopting an animal in need.

Bethany Kludt is a nursing student who also loves animals. She’s concerned about the growing number of animals finding their way into shelters, and advocates for the humane treatment of all animals.

Why is the number of homeless people on the rise?

In America today, as many as 3 million people are homeless. A third of this figure constitutes young children living on their own or with family without a place to call home.

While the general stereotype is that most homeless people are thrust into the life due to mental illness or drug addiction, studies show that many people become homeless after a life changing event or series of events. For the vast majority, an unplanned situation happened that may have led them to be homeless.

Events such as the loss of income, a loved one, domestic violence, dysfunctional families, and mental illness are among the top reasons for homelessness. Other impairments like physical disability or post-traumatic stress disorder can also contribute to being homeless. It is also not uncommon to find people resorting to the street as a way to deal with grief. Often unable to cope with significant trauma in their lives, some people will give up on life and stop caring. Acknowledging that a myriad of factors can push people to the streets is often a good way to start figuring out how to help people.

A homeless person is one who has gone through deep emotional pain and suffering. By the time they show up to a homeless shelter for help, they’ve probably burned every meaningful relationship they’ve ever had. Close friends and family are unable (or unwilling) to give a hand, leaving the individual to fend on their own. In some ways, their situations are more about being unwanted than being homeless. Restoring trust and hope then becomes a big factor on the road to recovery.

Bethany Kludt is studying to become a registered nurse at Ohio Northern University. She is a kind-hearted person who loves to help people and hopes to use her career to aid the homeless in her community.

Weight Lifting Tips for Beginners

Lifting weights for the first time can be intimidating to beginners, especially if it’s your first time around big machines with levers and pulleys. You probably don’t want to look like a newbie, and at the same time don’t want to go toe-to-toe with the panting, sweating, ripped guys. Strength training, however, is an important aspect of fitness that you can’t afford to ignore. Cardio is great, but it needs to be complemented with strength training, even if it’s light weights.

Bethany Kludt

If you are just starting out, here are a few tips to get you acclimated to the weights.


It’s important to warm up the muscles and get the heart going before lifting weights. Begin with a 10-minute cardio warmup that can include light jogging and body stretches. Doing these will loosen the muscles in anticipation of the work ahead.

Proper form is crucial

To avoid injuries, you must learn the proper form to all exercises, which will ensure you don't strain your muscles. As a beginner, consider using the initial lessons just to learn about form, proper grips, and techniques that will ensure a safe and efficient workout.

Body balance

Most people are imbalanced when it comes to body strength – one side is stronger than the other. To combat this, try incorporating isolated moves to ensure each side is treated equally. For example, isolated dumbbell curls will ensure you are working the muscles on a particular arm, rather than letting the stronger arm do all the work with a barbell curl.

Bethany Kludt is a health and fitness enthusiast who has worked out intensively over the past few years as she aims to become an NPC (National Physique Committee) Bikini Pro.


Benefits of Physical Exercise

Regular physical exercise is important for everyone. The health benefits of regularly exercising are hard to ignore. You can improve your health and reduce the risk of disease by regularly exercising. Here are some benefits of regularly exercising.

Weight Control and Weight Loss

Regularly exercising can help prevent excess weight gain and can help maintain a healthy body. When you exercise, your body burns calories and the more intense the activity, the more calories you will burn. Start by walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, or by parking a couple of blocks away and walking to the office. Simple things like these can help get you started exercising every day. Of course, if you can dedicate 30-minutes or an hour to exercise every day, the results would be optimal.

Combat Disease

Regularly exercising will keep your body fit and lower the risk of disease. Being active and exercising regularly will boost high-density lipoprotein (HDL), and lower unhealthy triglycerides in your body. HDL is also known as “good cholesterol”. Physical exercise will help prevent diabetes, stroke, depression and various other health problems.

Improve Your Mood

If you need an emotional boost, take a 30-minute brisk walk or workout at the gym. When you exercise the body releases a chemical called endorphins. Endorphins help in relieving pain and stress. The next time you feel discouraged or depressed, go for a short, brisk walk and treat yourself to some free endorphins, courtesy of your body.

Bethany Kludt lifts weights and exercises regularly at the gym.

Bethany Kludt

Essential Gym Accessories

Working out at the gym is great but if you don’t have the essential accessories, you could have a hard time at the gym. Use proper protection for your hands, knees and back to protect yourself from injury. Here are a few essential accessories you must have when you go to the gym.

Gloves or Lynx Grips

If you try lifting weights with your bare hands, you will end up with calluses. Gym gloves can help protect your palms and fingers when you lift weights. Lynx grips are also a great option and provide better protection and stronger gripping than normal gym gloves.

Foam Roller

Stretching is very important, and foam rollers have become an important piece of equipment in gyms. You can get a cylinder of foam and use it to warm-up or cool down after your gym session. The foam roller has become popular with coaches and physiotherapists around the world.

Training Log

Maintain a training log, and you will know how far you have progressed. The training log serves as a record of all the exercises, sets and amount of weights you have used. It is an important tool as it helps you slowly increase your weights, sets and reps as you progress.

Wrist Strap

The wrist strap helps protect the wrist and is important. The wrist has excellent mobility but lacks stability, the wrist strap can greatly help in stabilizing your wrist while lifting weights and performing other exercises.


Get a shaker or blender bottle and use it for your protein shake after your workout at the gym. The post-workout protein shake helps your muscles recover quickly.

Bethany Kludt enjoys lifting weights and working out to keep fit.

Bethany Kludt

Bethany Kludt - Staying Fresh In Your Academic Studies

Bethany Kludt is a very hardworking young woman. On numerous occasions throughout her life she has exemplified a level of determination that will carry her to a successful career. In the past, she has become a talented gymnast, BMX bike racer, golfer, diver, cheerleader, and bikini competitor. Now, as a student at Ohio Northern University, she has her sights set on becoming a nurse. She is a member of the National Student Nurses Association. This is just one more challenge that Bethany Kludt has set for herself, and one that she will undoubtedly rise to meet.

Bethany Kludt

 The time management skills that she has cultivated over the course of her life will serve her well in her academic studies. One of the main parts of completing an undergraduate or graduate school is not getting burned out. A student must find a healthy balance of preparing for exams and papers while maintaining fresh energy and focus. The only way to accomplish this is to have time for relaxing and fun activities, which ensures that a student's schedule does not become too monotonous.

 Bethany Kludt has already demonstrated her ability to balance school and other activities. For one, she holds a job as a waitress. Furthermore, she began competing in bikini competitions held by the National Physique Committee in 2014. This requires an enormous amount of physical training. She has already finished in 3rd place in one event in her very short career which qualifies her for nationals. Bethany Kludt plans to continue training for bikini events as she pursues her ambitions of becoming a nurse.


Safety Tips for Gymnasts

Many gymnasts have hurt themselves by falling off or colliding with equipment. You can get injured even with simple floor exercises. The most common injuries are foot injuries, sprained ankles, and wrist sprains. Other major injuries include ligament tears, concussions, lower-back problems and broken bones. You can protect yourself by taking a few extra precautions.

Wrist Straps, Grips, and Guards

If you are using still rings, parallel bars, uneven bars and the high bar, you will need to use these guards to protect your hands and improve your grip. Some professionals go bare handed, but that is a painful process. Guards and grips are specifically designed to improve your grip and to decrease friction on the palm of your hands. A great way to avoid blisters on your hands is to wear guards or grips. Some gymnasts use gauze or sports tape on their hands.


Depending on the event and your experience, you will or will not be wearing footwear. If you are wearing shoes for the vault event, you might want to use a pair of shoes that has a reinforced toe to cushion your landing. Shoes with rubber soles are great and prevent slipping.


If you are practicing a new move or trying out a difficult maneuver, you might want to use a spotting belt. These belts hook into cables attached to the ceiling and offer protection.

Bethany Kludt was a gymnast for eleven years and has participated in several competitions. She started early from the age of three.


Bethany Kludt - What to Expect When You Buy Your BMX Bike


If you are buying a BMX bike, you should first decide what kind of bike you want and how much you are willing to pay. There are different types of bikes and different prices. The quality of the bike will determine the price, so make sure you know what you want before going to the bike store or shopping on-line to buy your BMX bike.


If you pay $250 for your bike, you cannot expect it to take the same abuse of a $2,000 bike. There are parts that will wear out and break. The harder your ride the bike, the faster the parts will begin to wear out or break. It is advisable to learn how to work on your bike and repair it or replace worn out parts. Every part has a certain lifetime, and once it has worn out, you will need to replace it.


If the bike is cheap, the parts will be less durable. The difference in the price of a bike is the components used for each bike. If you buy a bike with brand name parts like SNAFU, Odyssey or Shadow, you can be certain your bike has good components.


You don’t necessarily have to get a super-light bike, but if your bike is lightweight, it means it is made from good material and will likely have better parts. A steel frame will be heavier than a chromoly frame, and a lighter bike is easier to control. You will also not get tired as quickly when using a lightweight bike.

Bethany Kludt has won several BMX competitions.